Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Howling Dog Rescue, Inc. is a state licensed shelter (Georgia Department of Agriculture No. 3396267) located in the Ormewood Park neighborhood of Atlanta. All placements are via contract after interviews and meetings. If you can help, or need help, please contact or call Palmer Singleton at 404 622 0025.


Spruce is a male (neutered) Siberian Husky.  He was whelped around 2010 and weighs in at about 70#.

Spruce is a solid dog, but this is not going to be an easy placement.  He has been with a loving supportive family since the fall of 2013.  Spruce gets along well with everyone in the family and does well with their other dog, an Australian shepherd, and the family's cat. 

There are problems though.  Spruce does great while everyone is home.  But he has never taken to a crate and has destroyed wire and airline crates.  Once out, if no one is home, Spruce engages in destructive behavior and soils inside the house.  The destruction centers on shredding carpets and rugs.

This family has worked with Spruce extensively.  He has been fully vetted.  Not only is he up to date on his vaccinations and heartworm free, there are no medical causes for what Spruce is doing.  The vet has recommended that Spruce be sedated for separation anxiety but the family is not willing to keep him drugged due to the dulling effect of the medication.  The family has also tried and consulted trainers, but the problems continue. Also, there has been a single incident with the family’s three year-old.   The little girl tried to step over Spruce while he was half-dozing.  She either stepped on or immediately next to the dog.  Spruce reacted by mouthing the girl’s thigh one time.  The skin was broken but there was no bleeding.  No medical attention was required.  The incident has not been repeated.

Spruce would do great if he were in a situation where he would be with people all the time.  Someone who was retired and at home most of the time would be good.  Someone who had the type of job that Spruce could go with them to work would be good, too.

Spruce needs and deserves a new home.  Is anyone out there a perfect fit for this solid but not yet perfect guy?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This ten year-old female (spay) Alaskan malamute was picked up by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department when deputies executed an eviction notice against her one-time owners.  (They took the tv but forgot poor Kya.)  Kya is wolf grey and weighs 85#.  In addition to abandoning her, Kya’s family made sure she is heart worm positive.  (She’ll be on a "soft kill"protocol the rest of her life.)  Kya is interested in her surroundings and pretty responsive.  This girl needs and deserves a forever home for the final phase of her life.  She would do best in a home with no other dogs. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not Yet Named

This young seal and white malamute was abandoned and picked up by Clayton County Animal Control in late January, 2013.  Most likely he was whelped about a year earlier.  He came in weighing just under 55# and now is a tad over 65#.  He is still growing and will fill out.  He has been fully vetted and is neutered.  He is also heart worm negative and on preventative.

This guy has an unknown history but for now seems responsive and smart in one-on-one settings.  He is in an outside run until the Board of Directors become more accustomed to him and him to them.  

It is clear that this guy will not be a "normal placement."  He can only go to someone who is experienced, mal savvy, and committed to long term positive obedience training. No kids or other animals should be involved.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet the Board of Directors at Howling Dog Rescue, Inc.

Potential placements through HDR, Inc. are handled by an oversight committee. Meet Huck Finn, the current Director of Operations, shown in the third photo from the top. Mr. Finn was ably trained by his predecessor, Atlanta Jad. Jad is the woolly pictured in the bottom photo. They almost always seek input from their senior advisor, Red Emma. She's pictured in the woods with emeritus board member Sash. It's the photo at the top. If a decision isn't clear, they'll bring in the youngest, most devilish member of the crew, Nilak. She's in the fourth picture from the top. As a last resort they draw on the wisdom and experience of emeritus board members Seavey and Nomarak's Meesha. But those two are usually too busy hunting in the creek pictured in second photo from the bottom. On the really tough calls they'll even consult with three old timers, Kobuk shown sitting in the second photo from the top along with Mook and Doctor, who is in the fourth photo down. All committee members are staunch advocates of and adherents to the Malamute Resistance Movement.


This is a beautiful female malamute, silver-grey in color. The photos do not do Scrimmer justice. I doubt she was whelped any later than the spring of 2007.

Scrimmer is opened faced and weighs 80#. She is spay, negative for heartworm, and up to date on shots. Scrimmer is house and crate trained. She has an unknown history and was found stray in Cherokee County.

Scrimmer is currently fostered with a house full of mals and sibes. While Scrimmer does well with most, she is not a soft dog, and isn't going to get this year's Ms. Congeniality award.

Scrimmer is not a problem dog and will be easy to train. Like most, she would benefit from a nothing-in-life-is-free protocol.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This girl was taken during a home invasion in Rex, Georgia, last September. She hasn't been seen since.

Baby Bear is a wolf grey Alaskan malamute, intact, weighing about 75#. Baby Bear was whelped June, 1996, but looks considerably younger.

If you see or learn anything about Baby Bear please contact us immediately. A reward is offered for information leading to her location. No questions asked.